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A fresh twist on the classic pair-finding game!

Welcome to Find2, a reinvented version of the classic pairs card game, perfect for kids and adults alike! With Find2, you can play anytime, anywhere, right on your smartphone.

The concept is simple and engaging. Tap the cards to reveal their hidden images. When you find a matching pair, these cards will be collected. If the images don't match, the cards will flip back over. Your quest ends when all pairs have been found and collected. Choose from four levels of difficulty to ensure fun and challenge for every age group.

But Find2 offers more than just the classic game you know. We've added exciting features to enhance your gaming experience! With over 50+ card designs and 17 different theme sets to choose from, every game feels fresh and unique.

🌟 Features
♾ Infinite puzzles
🕹️ 3 different game modes (relax, timer, and play against your smartphone)
🏆 Leaderboards and Achievements
↕️ 4 levels of difficulty
📅 Puzzle of the day
🏆 Offline high score
🎨 Customize your design
🌠 50+ card designs
🏝 17 different theme sets

📅 Puzzle of the Day
Take part in the same daily puzzle challenge as players from around the globe. Compare your best times with your friends and the entire Find2 community via Google Play Games or Apple Game Center.

🏁 Finish
You've won the game when you've successfully found and collected all the pairs hidden among the cards.

🔓 Upgrade
Unlock this free app to play without ads, offering you a more immersive Find2 experience.

Are you ready for an exhilarating pairs card hunt? Prove your skills by finding and collecting all the pairs in Find2 before the time runs out. Join the fun now!

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