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Search and find all the hidden symbol series

Search and find all symbol series hidden in the puzzle field. You can choose between icon search, word search, number series search and color search. In this free search game, you can choose between three levels of difficulty. Search with or without a stopwatch and measure your best times with your friends and people from all over the world.

All puzzles are automatically generated and offer endless possibilities. This popular game, which is often only available as a word search game, has been completely reinterpreted.
Train your concentration or relax during a short round and find all symbol series in the puzzle.

⭐ You can search for words, numbers, icons or colors
⭐ Infinite puzzles
⭐ Leaderboards and Achievements
⭐ 3 levels of difficulty
⭐ On/Off Timer
⭐ Offline high score
⭐ Full HD resolution
⭐ Relaxing music
⭐ Animated background

Difficulty levels
⭐ Simple: Search right + down
⭐ Medium: search right + down + backwards
⭐ Difficult: Search in all directions with change of direction

🔓 You can unlock the free app and play without advertising and with unlimited hints.

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